ADMINISTRATIVE LEADERSHEET: Writing Goals, Objectives and Tactics

Following my last post, I received a lot of questions about the writing process and the best way to structure goals, objectives, and measurable tactics for an administrative position.

As a result, I’d like to introduce the first in a series of what I call, Administrative Leadersheets, designed to provide more detailed, usable information on topics that I write about.

This one, in particular, tells you not only how to write objectives and tactics, but it gives 10 examples of measurable objectives and tactics that you can use in your own position.

Download the Administrative Leadersheet

The Administrative Leadersheet on Writing Goals, Objectives & Tactics is $9.  Enter the email address that you’d like me to send the Leadersheet to, and click the button below to purchase a copy.

Email to Send Leadersheet To:

Here’s a Quick Diagram of How the Purchase Process Works

 Frequently Asked Question(s)

What type of software do I need to use to read the Administrative Leadersheet?

The Administrative Leadersheet will be sent to you as a pdf file.  You will need a pdf or Adobe Acrobat reader in order to view it.

What if I have a problem during the sign-up process or still have some un-answered questions?

If you have any problems or more questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at ebony (at) or send me your question using the link to  my “Ask” Page.

Thank you in advance for your purchase, and let me know if you find this document useful.

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